A arte da diplomacia no jornal Valor Econômico (in Portuguese)
BBC resgata vozes e sambas esquecidos dos soldados brasileiros na 2ª Guerra (in Portuguese)

War paint: Brazilian art helped fight Hitler

David Sanderson, Arts Correspondent
The Times





The Times published about our exhibition in February 19 2018.

Some excerpts:

Adolf Hitler was certainly beaten on the beaches — but also by the easels of Brazilian artists. The war effort of Brazilian modernists who donated works to be sold for the RAF Benevolent Fund is to be celebrated this year.

More than 160 works by about 70 artists were exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1944 and sold to raise funds. More than 20 ended up in British institutions.

Many were by artists then little known in western Europe such as Lucy Citti Ferreira, Clóvis Graciano and Manoel Martins. They would later be worth millions. Hayle Gadelha, cultural attaché at the Brazilian embassy, has spent three years tracking 24 of the works for the show opening in London in April. “Few people know that Brazil…

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