Head of a Girl

Head of a Girl, 1943
Oil on canvas
32 x 35.7 cm
The Mercer Art Gallery

About the artist


JOSÉ MACHADO DE MORAES (1921 in Rio de Janeiro – 2003 in São Paulo) was an artist, engraver, illustrator, journalist and visual arts lecturer. In 1941, he graduated in painting from the ENBA but during his degree course he also studied painting under Quirino Campofiorito (1902-1993) and, in 1942, became an assistant of Candido Portinari in Brodowski, working on the murals for the São Francisco de Assis Chapel, designed by Oscar Niemeyer (1907 - 2012), in Belo Horizonte. In the same year, a solo exhibition of his works was held at the Institute of Architects of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro. He was awarded four prizes in the 1940s with a Travel Abroad Prize at the 55th Salão Nacional de Belas Artes (1949); he travelled to Italy to study mural painting (1950-1). On his return he produced murals and frescoes and in 1967 became a lecturer at the Armando Álvares Penteado Foundation in São Paulo (FAAP). In 1971, he went to broaden his knowledge of screen printing with the master Michel Caza (1935-) in Paris and, subsequently, returned there three times and also studied screen printing at the École de Beaux-Arts in Paris, and at the Centre Genevois de Gravure Contemporaine. His oil paintings Portrait and Head of a girl, sent for the Exhibition, are currently in the Hepworth Wakefield and in the Mercer Art Gallery (in Harrogate), respectively.

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